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Frequently Asked Questions

When are tryouts?

What are the costs of the program?

Are there fundraising opportunities?

When are games played?

When do we practice/play?

Where do we practice/play?

What is the difference between an A and B team?

What do uniforms cost?

When equipment is required?

  • Usually the 1st & 2nd week of August
  • Costs are variable depending on several things. Uniforms for new players, number of games played in leagues and number of tournaments played. Generally $750-$1100 per season is a good range to use.
  • Yes we will have several opportunities to fund raise and help offset the costs of your childs fees. These may include but are not limited to: Sponsorships; Raffles; Product Sales. We are also open to ideas for fundraising. All fundraising must be approved in advance by the Board.
  • Fall League is usually played as a Double Header on Saturday’s (Sept-Oct)
  • Spring League is played on both Saturday and/or Sunday and could be double headers on either day.(Apr-May)
  • Summer League is usually played during the week unless weather forces games to be played on the weekends. (Jun-Jul)
  • Tournaments spring, summer and fall are almost always played over a weekend but in the summer could start as early as Thursday through Sunday.
  • Practices vary by season and we do practice all year round. In the winter we practice 3-4 times a week at several of our indoor facilities. In the spring depending on the weather we will split time between indoor and outdoor locations still maintaining 3-4 times per week. Once games begin the number of practices will reduce to twice a week and remain through the summer until the end of the season.
  • 95% of our practices are located in the City of Branchburg. We use the following locations:
    • White Oak Park
    • Old Towne Park
    • Branchburg Sports Complex
    • Branchburg Central Middle School
    • Whiton Elementary School
    • Cage-Time (Flemington, NJ)
  • We are a travel team and play our league games throughout Somerset, Hunterdon & Warren counties. Tournaments can be anywhere in the state of NJ and on some rare occasions out of state. Travel and lodging expenses are not included in the fee and are the responsibility of the individual player/family.
  • Our home games are usually at White Oak Park fields 18 or 19
  • A – Teams are comprised of higher skilled players. Age does not factor into the decision making when forming teams. A – Teams generally play more tournaments than B teams. The training for both the A and B teams are identical. A – Team members have a much greater expectation of availability to play. As such we request that no vacation time be taken between April 1st and July 31st.
  • Uniform costs for brand new players run about $200 for everything. That includes 4 Uniform Shirts, Softball Pants, Socks.
  • All girls should have the following: (* indicates required)
    • *Glove (Including specialty positions like Catcher or First Base)
    • *Helmet ASA approved (We ask if you don’t already have one to get the official Blaze one. Approximately $40)
    • *Bat (ASA Approved for Fast Pitch)
    • *Good pair of sports sunglasses or flipdowns
    • *Rubber Cleats (NO METAL!)
    • Facemask (Infielders and Pitchers ESPECIALLY!)
    • Heartguard(Pitchers strongly recommended)
    • Catchers Equipment
    • Equipment Bag